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Diesel Parking Air Heater–HeaterPro2000/HeaterPro4000

Heating Capacity: 2KW/4KW
Voltage: DC12V or 24 V
Air Flow: 40-105 m³/h / 60-185 m³/h
Ambient Temperature: 40℃ to 70 ℃

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Kingclima parking heater is an onboard heating device independent of the car engine. It has its own fuel pipeline, circuit, combustion heating device, and control device. Without starting the engine, the car engine and the cab parked in the low temperature and cold environment in winter can be warmed up. Completely eliminate the cold start wear of the car.

The KINGCLIMA HeaterPro Series air heater divides into 2kw-4kw heating capacity can be used in the driver’s cabin, passenger compartment or cargo compartment of various vehicles.



  • Automatic carbon removal function, no carbon deposition and no gel;
  •  Low starting power, Low fuel consumption;
  • Can be used at high altitudes, 1500 meters above sea level;
  • Compact structure, easy to install;
  • Lower noise, Warm and comfortable;


Technical Data:

Model HeaterPro2000 HeaterPro4000
Rated Heating Capacity 900W-2000W 900-4000W
Fuel Diesel Diesel
Fuel Consumption 0.10-0.28 L/h 0.15-0.48 L/h
Heating medium Air Air
Voltage DC12V or 24 V DC12V or 24 V
Operating Voltage Range 10.5 – 16V or 21 – 32 V 10.5 – 16V or 21 – 32 V
Rated Input 4-34 Watts 7-40 Watts
Air Flow 40-105 m³/h 60-185 m³/h
Noise Max. sound pressure <60db(A) Max. sound pressure <60db(A)
Weight 2.8kg 4.1kg
Dimensions(L x W x H) 340x112x122mm 376x140x150mm
Ambient Temperature 40℃ to 70 ℃ 40℃ to 70 ℃


Package Includes:


The heater can be applied for heating the cab of the freight vehicles, vans, storage battery cars and all kinds of other vehicles.


KINGCLIMA can provide OEM service, if you have requirements for the shells and control panel designs, please contact us!

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