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CoolPro 2800 model as the most popular and hot sale model in CoolPro series has its unique feature. It is roof top mounted types, with extra-slim and compact design, which can be matched with the truck sunroof size, to solve the problem of slotting in cabins. Drivers only need to remove the sunroof and install the CoolPro2800 air conditioners in the place of sunroof. Very easy to install and just takes 30 minutes to get all ready.

Unique Features of CoolPro2800 Parking Truck Air Conditioners

Extra-slim and compact design of Height 20cm.

Matched with truck sunroof size and do not to slotting in cabins ,Suitable for sunroof size from 420x340mm to 900x600mm.

Full electric system.There is no need to start the engine to provide power when parking, unloading the cargo, driver rests.

Very low power consumption min 300W,with ECO mode to save electricity . The maximum cooling capacity of 2,800w /9,660BTU is equivalent to the 1.5P cooling capacity of household air conditioners, which can fully meet the cooling demand in the vehicle.

Injection mold, anti-aging, no deformation, air conditioning internal insulation layer is made of environmentally friendly materials and flame retardant, green travel!

With voltage protection function, the battery voltage is automatically disconnected when the battery voltage is low to the minimum starting voltage of the vehicle. There is no need to worry about starting the startup problem and protect the battery life.


Technical Data:

CoolPro2800 Technical Data
Rated Cooling Capacity 600W-2800W/9660BTU
Voltage DC12V/24V
Rated Current 50A/30A
Power 300W-1200W
Air Volume 450m³/h
Weight(kg) 35KG
Time of endurance 10 hours (Intelligent frequency control)
Control mode PWM
Refrigerant R134a—600g
Cut size/Skylight size(mm) 420*340mm or 600*300mm
Dimensions(mm) 965.8*808*180mm
Application Truck,Tractor,Construction Machinery etc


Installation Photos:



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Parking air conditioner--KingClima Industry

Use energy saving mode when you sleep at night,It can run continuously 4 to 8 hours. Semi-Truck Back Wall mounted Air Conditioner for Sleeping Cab. DC12V/24V Battery Electrical air conditioner No-idle Electrial APU units. Advantage: 1) Pure DC electrical system 2) Zero Emission 3) Reduce operate cost 4) Fast cooling

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